Friday, March 29, 2013

Lord John belted at Moot

St. George's Fair 2012 & My Island Food Court

St. George's Fair 2012
I made John a new fight tunic with his device on them and this is the dress I made below.
My Island Food Court
Here is Brant (our son) Karen and John at a kingdom event with the food court setup. I wasn't at this event due to illness.

Been to long since I posted here...

Shire Revel

Consort gifts

Court Tunic applique

Court tunic for John

Last Event I was at

me getting my AOA
But because of being ill I have not been to many events in over a year or done much for Art/Sci projects. I did make Hubby a new Court tunic last year. I also got my AOA so now I'm a Lady and our devices passed- pictures in the header of this blog.