Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Name and working on persona..

So now that we have some garb and we have most of the things we need to camp and everything. I think it's time we got our names as we been in the SCA for almost a year (June).
So the Names are:
John le Irish -13 century for Hubby
Claremonda de Cly- 13th century for me- French
Which I am submitting at TMT this month. So as part of the A&S 50 Challenge I'm working on our daily personas.

in service to Trimaris,
Claremonda de Cly

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Dress

I made this dress and it was alittle to small(figured out I'm hippier than that ,lol). so I added panels to the sides of it and I think it came out well.

So, all my Dresses are made now for awhile. My next project to to remake seat covers for some fold-up wood chairs we have but that's next month in May.

The other thing I did was finally pick out a name. It's Claremonda de Cly ( sounds like Sea). This way I can still be called C, so I answer everyone lol.

In service to Trimaris,

Claremonda de Cly


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Beaded Boomarks gifts

Here is all my Beaded Bookmarks. I made 34 of them. They are for St. George Faire this month. Hubby is fighting in the Crested Helm Tourney and as his Consort I needed to make gifts for the other Consorts plus whatever Royalitiy and Peerage is attending.
the little square basket is for the King and Queens gift. These are the bookmarks for the K&Q
The other basket has everyone else's Bookmarks.

I made them with Braided Ribbon of mine and Hubby's colors, Green, Purple and Black, then I used glass seed beads and silver wire to make the beaded part. I also got Silver and Gold beads and beaded glasses ends to attach the braid and beads together. They were fun to make, But I'm really glad to get them done. Now to figure out what to make for 2010.

In Service to Trimaris,


The making of a Crested Helm

Here are the pictures of me making it. It was fun to do. Now Hubby has to attach it to his Helm.
In Service to Trimaris

Basket Cover

I made this basket cover, so that I don't have to worry about things gettting in or falling out of my basket.
I used a cardboard pattern I traced out to the size of the basket top. Then I used sheets of foam cut to the size of the size and bottom of the inside of the basket, I covered them in cloth and sewed then shut. And Lined the basket with thenm so nothing breaks inside. Then I used cardboard, batting and cloth to do the top, I sewed it the pillowcase way and then sewed both side to a strip in the middle so it opens from both sides. I put matching ribbon on both sides of the middle strip so that it ties around the handles and if something happens to it, I can take it off and make a new one.
In Service to Trimaris,

John recovered my footstool & rocking chair.

John is very handy and it's really good for him to be that way because he can make most of the things we need for the SCA.
So for comfort and to keep my feet out of the ants, Hubby found me a foot stool. It was ugly, white legs and a kind of like large foral fabric on the seat of it. So we had this fabric that's really nice and John recovered it for me.

Then since he had the legs off of it he sanded them down and then painted strips on them.

Then since we had left over cloth he did my rocking chair to match. Doesn't it look nice now?

I still want to make a needlepoint cover for them but right now my hands won't do needlepoint so I have a wonderful Hubby who does nice things like this for me.

in Service to Trimaris,


Spring Coronation pictures

Here are some pictures of Spring Coronation that I took. They are for the old King and Queen

Also here are the new King and Queen.